Welcome to Integrated Medical Group Carlyle Pain & Rehab Center!

Integrated Medical Group welcomes you to our clinic. Our Carlyle Pain & Rehab Center in Illinois offers a balanced approach to improved health and well-being.

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An Overview of Our Clinic

Our Integrated Medical Group Carlyle Pain & Rehab Center understands that people would like to stay as healthy as possible. Therefore, we provide solutions that prevent the risk of pain and illness.  

Our team diligently strives to help people on their journey of health optimization. We use natural methods as we apply different chiropractic and holistic treatment methods.

Chiropractic Services We Provide

We offer manual adjustments that align your spine. This helps eliminate pain in all parts of your body including your back, neck, ankles, and shoulders. If you have frequent migraines, placing your vertebrae back where they belong can provide relief at the source of the problem instead of masking it with medication.

We also use massage therapy to identify muscle knots and stiffened soft tissue and use strokes of varying forces to loosen the tension in these problem areas. In addition, we offer physical therapy sessions to improve flexibility and strength and acupuncture to stimulate the nerves and circulation.

Our Carlyle Pain & Rehab Center also provides nutritional counseling and lifestyle advice to complete your comprehensive care. In some cases, we also provide manipulations under anesthesia to help you further relax.

Conditions We Treat

Before we begin any treatment plan, our Integrated Medical Group Carlyle Pain & Rehab Center observe your posture and conducts spinal screenings. During these screenings, we determine your stress points, locate misalignments, and find the primary source of your pain.

After your screening, we provide a treatment plan according to your needs. For instance, you perhaps suffered a back or neck injury caused by car accident whiplash. Otherwise, you perhaps developed lower back pain from overuse of muscles or because of a herniated disc. Additionally, we assist with treating extremity joint stiffness that may have occurred either from genetics or because of medical complications.

Other conditions we treat include work and sports injuries, extremity numbness and chronic back pain. This includes muscle strains, tendinitis, and sprained ankles and scoliosis or sciatica. We may employ more than one treatment method when setting up your holistic chiropractic care plan.

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