DEXA Body Scan

Dexa Body Scan at Our Greenville Chiropractor

At Integrated Medical Group, we believe in a comprehensive approach to care. That is why we are pleased to offer the gold standard in body composition scanning with the Dexa Body Scan available at our Greenville Chiropractor. The Dexa Body Scan is a safe and effective way to learn more about your body with a complete report on your bone density, lean muscle mass, fat mass, and body symmetry. The information we receive from each scan allows us to create tailor-made treatments for your needs, while also equipping you with the tools to build customized workouts that burn fat, build muscle and strengthen bones.

How the Dexa Body Scan Works

Safety is always our number one priority. The Dexa Body Scan compiles a comprehensive report on your body composition in a 10-to-15-minute scan. This brief, non-invasive scan emits the lowest level of radiation possible; in fact, the dose is roughly the same as radiation exposure from eating four bananas or taking a one-hour plane ride. There is no need to change your clothes or do any preparation before the scan. Simply lie back, relax and let the machine work. The Dexa Body Scan is safe to use any number of times, so you can return for additional scans to track your fitness progress with muscle and body fat testing or to monitor your bone health throughout the years.

Body Fat Testing and Bone Density Scanning

The Dexa Body Scan provides you with a complete picture of how your body is working. Through body fat testing and bone density scanning, the scan can measure how well your body converts fat to muscle, as well as how dense or strong your bones are. Low bone density signals you have osteoporosis, a chronic, progressive condition that increases your risk of fracture. Based on your results, we can offer nutritional and fitness guidance to help you lose weight, increase muscle mass and build healthy bones. We can also recommend changes to your fitness routine to adjust for misalignment in your body's symmetry. In addition to standard chiropractic treatments to improve the body's alignment, reduce inflammatory, relieve pain and promote healing, we can actually increase bone mass density through a specific type of treatment called osteogenic loading therapy.

Appointments at our Greenville Chiropractor

If you are ready to go beyond the scale and receive the most comprehensive analysis of your body, it is time to book your Dexa Body Scan. Call us today for an appointment at our Greenville Chiropractor, Integrated Medical Group: (618) 692-6700. We look forward to working with you to achieve your optimal health through evidence-based holistic treatments.