Back Pain

Back Pain Treatment with Integrated Medical Group

At Integrated Medical Group, we use an integrated, natural approach to treat your back pain. With four locations to serve Illinois residents, our chiropractor in Glen Carbon is easily accessible and fits into your scheduling needs. When you are struggling with back pain, you want immediate and long-lasting relief. Our chiropractic group delivers this and more. Our holistic approach means that your back pain decreases as your overall health improves. So, if you live in Greenville, Highland, Carlyle or Glen Carbon, we want to see you when you are in pain. Our chiropractors evaluate your back pain to determine the source of your discomfort, and then we complete a care plan to eliminate the source and your symptoms.

Man with back pain in Glen Carbon, IL.

Causes and Chiropractic Care of Back Pain

Your back pain may happen suddenly if you have been in an auto accident or have hurt your back at work or at play. If this occurs, please contact Integrated Medical Group for a complete examination of your injuries. You may be suffering from a herniated disc, a muscle strain or a vertebra that are out of alignment. In other situations, the back pain gradually increases in its intensity. This type of pain may be due to a spinal abnormality, years of poor posture, sciatica, degenerating discs or vertebral subluxations. Our chiropractor in Glen Carbon examines your spine to determine the source of the pain. Then, your chiropractic care plan uses our integrated approach which may include the following treatments:

  • Chiropractic manipulations - to position your spine in a natural alignment, our chiropractors gently move the vertebrae. This eliminates pressure on discs and nerves and leads to healing of herniated discs, sciatica, and spinal abnormalities.
  • Manipulations under anesthesia - in some cases, we may recommend putting you into a "twilight" state so your body is more relaxed. Then, our chiropractors perform adjustments to your spine to lessen the pain.
  • Massage therapy - for back pain due to strained or tight muscles, massage therapy eases tension and inflammation. It also increases circulation to your back for faster healing.
  • Infrared light therapy - also helpful for muscle injuries. The light stimulates healing and removes inflammation.
  • Acupuncture - tiny needles are inserted into your back to improve circulation and energy flow which promotes healing and decreases pain.

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When you are ready to rid yourself of back pain, please contact us for an evaluation. Many of our clients feel better after one chiropractic adjustment, but your benefits may require a series of integrated treatments to feel improvements. The staff at Integrated Medical Group is available to answer your questions and quickly schedule your appointment at any of our four locations, so please call us today at (618) 692-6700.